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natural coconut deodorant Les CocoNuts déodorant naturel noix de cocoLes COcoNuts deodorant Traveller




Why did we create it?                            

This all-natural deodorant is the flagship product that launched our line of body products. We wanted to develop an aluminum free/additive free formula, which would effectively neutralize the bacterium that causes odour, and provide all day protection. Pure organic coconut oil proved to be the ideal base ingredient, combined with arrowroot starch for moisture absorption, and a small amount of baking soda for added odour control.

Our loyal customers gave such positive feedback about our deodorant, and were requesting more natural bath and body care products, so we started expanding our line and we continue to grow.

How to use it?
Our deodorant stick applies like other wind-up deodorant sticks. Since the blend is mainly composed of pure coconut oil, which remains in the solid state up to 21 degrees Celsius and liquefies at 24 degrees Celsius, it is recommended to keep the deodorant in a cool place to avoid it softening and going on too thick. In hot climates, we suggest storing it in the fridge.

During hot summer periods, the product is shipped in a recycled and sealed refill pouch, along with the empty plastic container. The simple filling instructions are on the pouch, just warm the contents and pour the liquid into its container and allow it to set, before use.

Additional Information
If you don’t love the scent of coconut, don’t worry, you won’t be giving off the aroma of coconut throughout the day. Because we do not use synthetic fragrance, the scent actually dissipates quickly, and you’re left fresh and dry, but not smelling like coconuts.

Stains on clothes: Despite the fact that our deodorant does not stain, deposits may creep into your clothes. If this happens, here are the steps to remove them:
In a bowl or sink, pour 5 cups of water, the hottest allowed per the garment’s washing instructions, and pour in 1 cup of baking soda. Soak the garment in the mixture of water and baking soda overnight. The next day, the residue will be gone. Follow up by washing as directed per the garment’s washing instructions.

Although you can store your deodorant at room temperature, it is best to keep it in a cool place. The cooler the deodorant stick is, the less you’ll be applying. Only a thin layer is needed and the deodorant will glide on easily as it warms against your skin. Applying a thinner layer increases the effectiveness of the odour absorbing properties, and helps your deodorant last longer than if you over-apply.

Planning to travel? To meet the demand of our globetrotting customers, and those who like to take their deodorant on-the-go, we offer an airtight travel container. Unlike the original format, you simply swipe a finger into the container and use your fingers to apply the deodorant. Rest assured that this does not in any way alter the effectiveness of the product.

View the full list of ingredients here.

natural organic deodorant refill recharge deodorant naturel biologique Les CocoNuts

Deodorant Refill

Why did we create it?
Since the beginning of Les CocoNuts, our priority has been to offer ecological and easy-to-use bath and body care products. With this in mind, we wanted to minimize the waste of deodorant containers, and came up with the innovative idea for a recyclable refill pouch. It is the eco-friendly choice, as the deodorant's original plastic container can be reused for several years.

How to use it?
The refill pouch has the simple instructions printed directly on it. It takes under a minute to refill the original container using these steps:

- Immerse the pouch completely in warm water for 45 seconds.

- Ensure that the mixture is homogeneous. Make a small cut on ne corner of the bag and pour the liquid formula into the plastic container, then put the lid on the stick.

- Once transferred, place the deodorant in the fridge so that it sets as needed.

This may take approximately one hour. Don’t forget to recycle the refill pouch.

Additional Information
When the deodorant is removed from the refrigerator, it may be stuck to the sides of the plastic container. Simple leave it at room temperature for a couple hours, then turn the wheel of the tube a few times, to create a gliding barrier inside the container.

IMPORTANT: Never force the wheel if the deodorant isn’t moving up. Leave it for a few more minutes at room temperature and then try again.

The refill pouches can be kept at room temperature or stored in the refrigerator for up to 18 months.

Additional Information
View the full list of ingredients here.

pur coconut oil Les COcoNuts huile de noix de coco pure

Le petit pot

Why did we create it?
Le petit pot is pure organic extra virgin coconut oil. Cold pressed and concentrated, it contains all of its original nutrients and has several skin-nourishing properties. Thanks to its healing, moisturizing and regenerative properties, it is a wonderful remedy for many ailments. In addition, coconut oil has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

This versatile product, offered at our customers’ request, has many great uses. The 2 oz. container makes it easy to carry in a purse, briefcase, makeup bag, coat pocket, car, suitcase etc.

How to use it?
Because the Petit Pot is ultra-hydrating, it is ideal for use on both hair and body. It makes the perfect natural mask to nourish dry/damaged hair and help it regenerate. Safe for use directly on skin, it can also ease the effects of sun damage or overly dry skin. Coconut oil, with restorative and softening capabilities, is also an excellent product for beard softening.

Its hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties make it an unmatched ointment to soothe burns, cuts and sunburns. Finally, the Petit Pot can be used as makeup remover, after-shave balm and personal lubricant.

Additional Information
Since the skin easily absorbs pure coconut oil, you need to apply only a very little amount at a time.

As coconut oil liquefies at 24 degrees Celsius, it is contained in a small airtight container so that it does not leak when exposed to warmer temperatures.

As long as it is well closed, you can bring the Petit Pot everywhere you go.


Additional Information
View the full list of ingredients here.

all natural lip balms Les CocoNuts baumes à lèvres naturels

Lip Balms

Why did we create them?
Wanting to expand the range of products, Sarah, the creator of Les CocoNuts, was compelled to try her hand at all-natural lip balms. Aware that the natural scent of coconut isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, Les Coconuts offers an array of scents to please anyone: raspberry-lime, mint, pink grapefruit, vanilla, in addition to 100% natural balm - Georges Brossard Edition.

Since lip balm is a classic skincare product that we carry around everywhere: in our bag, at the office, in the car, in our pocket, we have created the lip balm bundle, so you can always keep one within reach.

How to use them?
Whether it's to heal your dry-cracked lips, protect them from the sun's UV rays or just keep your lips hydrated, our creamy, natural lip balms are a perfect solution. With coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax (from local beekeepers!), these lip balms glide on smoothly and leave a protective barrier to re-condition your lips in as little as 2-3 days.

Additional Information
View the full list of ingredients here.

natural nourishing soap bars pains de savon naturels Les CocoNuts

Soap Bars

Why did we create them?
Because we love a hot bath, we thought our customers would appreciate refreshing bars of natural soap. Designed for the whole family, our solid soaps feature an ergonomic dome shape that's easy to hold in both small and large hands.

The combination of creamy coconut oil and butters (shea or cocoa) provides the firm base to our Bubble and Butter soaps, which prevents them from melting in the shower. These same ingredients are ultra hydrating and won’t leave your skin dry like other soaps. With a balanced pH, our soaps are suitable for all skin types, including young children and those with sensitive skin.

The vegetable components of coconut and safflower oils, and organic fragrances found in our natural soaps provide a beautiful lather. Natural soaps don’t lather as much as soaps with artificial additives, but we think you’ll agree they’re spectacular.

Ecological and biodegradable, our organic soap bars are available in five fragrances: coffee, coconut carbon, vanilla bean, pink grapefruit and mountain pine.

How to use them?
The variety of fragrances available in our bubble and butter soaps make them ideal for different uses: the bath/shower, the bathroom vanity, the kitchen sink. You can enjoy five-star hand and body cleansing at your convenience.

Additional Information
Because soaps are 100% natural, there may be small variations in fragrances and color, depending on the plant extracts used.

View the full list of ingredients here.

sugar salt scrub natural coconut Les CocoNuts gommage sucre sel noix de coco naturel

Sugar and salt scrubs


Why did we create them?
Do you want to enjoy the spa experience in the comfort of your home? Surrender to our sugar and salt scrubs and revel in a moment of relaxation and relieve stress while detoxifying your body. The finely ground organic coffee beans, softened by a creamy blend of oils and butters, promote skin regeneration and leave you feeling soft and silky.

Given the strong temperature differences in our northern climate, our skin can be prone to dehydration. The moisturizing and exfoliating properties of our natural epsom salt and sugar scrubs help tighten pores affected by cold temperatures and prolonged sun exposure, so that the skin regains its healthy appearance.

How to use them?
Ideal for total body exfoliation, it takes just two easy steps to have softer skin. After you have washed, place a small amount of scrub in your hand, and then gently rub the scrub on your skin circular motions. Leave on for 2 to 3 minutes, or until the skin has completely absorbed the oils, and rinse lightly to remove the excess sugar and salt. Your skin will be left feeling soft and satiny.

Our scrubs are also safe deep facial care, for use on dry, flaky lips. Simply apply gently to clean skin.

In addition to being great for the whole body, these moisturizing and exfoliating formulas are a must-haves next to the kitchen and bathroom sinks, to keep your hands feeling baby-soft. Our three organic fragrances are a purifying and preventive treatment for you to maintain beautifully healthy skin. Wonderful at the beginning of the day to provide a protective layer of moisture and reduce skin irritation. At the end of your day, our sugar and salt scrubs can can remove impurities on the surface of the skin and improve its regeneration.

Additional Information
Although our scrubs are very fragrant when used in the shower, given the added extracts, they won’t leave a scent on your skin. They are very safe for scent-free spaces and people with scent sensitivities.

Since our scrubs are made from a rich blend of oils and butters, be careful not to slip in the shower.

 View the full list of ingredients here.

natural hand body wash almond Les CocoNuts savon mains corps naturel amande

Hands and Body Washes


Why did we create them?
These multipurpose cleansing products have been designed for those who prefer a liquid soap to a bar. Because we’re constantly washing our hands and body, we have incorporated a sumptuous blend of coconut oil, olive oil and organic essential fragrances to provide a lasting moisture for your skin.

In order to satisfy the many scent preferences (fruity, spicy, subtle) and to stand out from the natural fragrances of our soap bars, we have promoted three scents for our liquid soaps: almond, rosemary-peppermint and pink grapefruit, our signature fragrance, which is also available in our Bubbles and Butter soaps.

How to use them?
Our bottled soaps require just a single pump to get the perfect amount for hand-washing. As shower gels, they can be used in three ways: with the hands, on a washcloth or with a shower puff.

Rich in natural ingredients, the beautiful lather will leave you fresh and clean. These are essential for the bathroom and the kitchen!

Additional Information
For external use only.

Since no dyes are added to hand and body soaps to make their color even, there may be slight differences in color. Depending on how plant ingredients were grown, small variations in fragrances are also possible.

View the full list of ingredients here.

konjac face sponge bamboo charcoal éponge konjac charbon de bambou Les CocoNuts

Konjac sponge

Why did we create it?
Ideal for the complete cleansing of the face, and softer than a traditional washcloth or make-up removing wipe, the Konjac sponge was added to our collection because we wanted to offer a new and carefully chosen natural fiber accessory. Composed of the Asian konjac plant and infused with bamboo charcoal, which activates in contact with water, this product is ideal for all skin types and is a must-have for those with dry skin.

How to use it?
Soak the Konjac sponge with lukewarm water, then massage gently on the skin in circular movements to purify and exfoliate.

After use, press the sponge between your hands to extract the excess water and hang to dry.
Rich in minerals, this skincare product has several benefits: elimination of impurities, prevention of blemishes, and reduction in the appearance of pores.

The ergonomic dome shape of the natural sponge makes it easy to remove water-based make-up, especially on the eyes. Thanks to the generous foam it produces, it can act as a vegan alternative to a badger shaving brush.

The sponge may be used with only water, or with a natural or organic soap such as our hand and body washes. WARNING: DO NOT use commercial soaps containing artificial additives as they will cause the sponge to break down.

Additional Information
Active bamboo charcoal gives the Konjac sponge its gray color. Because of its natural fibers, the sponge should not be squeezed as it may cause a tear. As it is a biodegradable product, the sponge will decompose naturally after 2 or 3 months of use and should then be replaced.

View the full list of ingredients here.

hand carved marble dish soap porte savon fait main marbre Les CocoNuts

Marble soap dish

Why did we create it?
Hand carved, our marble soap dishes is modern, chic and simplistic. The choice of marble gives it a luxurious and upscale look. Made of natural stone, each dish reveals its unique character with its naturally occurring grooves and variegated shades of black, gray and white. Due to its porous texture, marble offers ideal water absorption. Therefor, when our soaps are left to rest on them, they stay dry and never sticky. In addition, the base of the soap dish has 4 anti-slip mounts to prevent scratches and movement.
Initially, the soap dish was used as a decorative element for the presentation of soap bars in our boutique and at trade shows. Because our customers kept asking to purchase them, we wanted to offer that touch of elegance to their bathrooms and their kitchens. Our soap dishes are packaged in sleek hand crafted boxes.

luxury handmade gift boxes boites cadeaux luxe faits mains

Gift boxes


Why did we create them?
Chic and tasteful, our gift boxes can meet the demand of companies who want to offer ecological gifts and superior quality to their employees. As much appreciated by men as by women, these glossy black boxes, luxurious in appearance, can also be offered on special occasions: birthdays, weddings, Christmas, retirement, etc. Handcrafted in Montreal, using recycled materials, these gift boxes include 4 essential natural care products: Le petit pot, as well as the fragrance of your choice for a hand and body soap, a sugar and salt scrub, and a lip balm. Their dimensions (9 inches x 9 inches x 4 1/2 inches) and their inner tray, designed to hold the products in place, make them extremely practical and elegant.

Gift cards cartes cadeaux Les CocoNuts

Gift cards


Why did we create them?
Easy to use, convenient and ideal for last-minute presents, digital gift cards help you spoil your family and friends with confidence. Thanks to you, your loved ones will be able to add natural products of the highest quality to their beauty routine. Available through the online store, these gift certificates are sold in increments of $25 and you are automatically emailed the electronic card. These cards can be used for several different purchases. After a transaction, the remaining balance can also be reused several times. Note that there are no transaction fees or expiration dates.


How to use them?

You can use our gift cards directly from a smartphone, e-mail them to the desired person, or print them at home.




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